Based in the Netherlands, Nedap N.V. designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technological solutions for themes that are relevant to the modern society. It is Nedap’s ambition to offer ”Technology that matters”.

Business units

Nedap consists of different business units, that operate as individual enterprises, of which each focuses on its own market. We share our knowledge and experiences from cutting-edge RFID technology for a variety of markets in which Nedap is market leader.

The organization is characterized by development, entrepreneurship and its own responsibility in an open, innovative and creative culture. This is the major reason for the competitive strength of Nedap in markets such as retail, livestock, healthcare, light, energy and security.

Nedap N.V. was established in 1929, has been stock-listed since 1947 and is, with more than 700 employees, active around the world. At our headquarter in Groenlo, situated in the east of the Netherlands, we have brought together under one roof all the research, development, production and marketing activity, ensuring a fast response to customer requirements.