During Intertraffic 2016, Nedap showcases additional innovations related to the leading platform for wireless vehicle detection: SENSIT. Next to a lot of small improvements in hardware and software, the following items will be addressed at the world’s biggest tradeshow dedicated to the traffic and parking industry that takes place in Amsterdam from 5-8 April 2016.

New: P-guide App

To help cities, partners and clients with the realization of an iPhone and Android app that fully utilizes the potential of the SENIT platform for wireless vehicle detection, Nedap releases the P-Guide app. The P-Guide app allows drivers to find a real-time available parking bay, pay for it, register a virtual parking license and find your parked car when it seems lost after spending time in the city. The app makes full use of the SENSIT cloud based server, but also connects to third party apps for payment and navigation. App administrators are also capable of pushing news items or other messages to app users.

The P-Guide app can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store. Nedap allow partners and end users to customize the app. Cities for example are invited to use the app in their own city marketing activities and release an app that reflects the corporate style of the city.

New: SENSIT ROI Calculator 2.0

The first version of the ROI Calculator was released at the previous edition of Intertraffic. Edwin Siemerink, SENSIT Proposition Manager at Nedap:

"We have collaborated with MuConsult to develop the ROI Calculator (return on investment) to clarify in advance what the social benefits and payback of installation of a wireless vehicle detection system with battery operated sensors are for municipalities. The first version was embraced with so much enthusiasm that we decided to further improve it and release a second version of the tool at Intertraffic 2016."

This new version incorporates more international data on the use and costs related to parking, more variables were added and the user interface was improved. The graphical ROI report was expanded and also improved. And the tool now also enables users to save data. Nedap trusts that this will make the already widely used tool even more popular.

Nedap progresses with LoRa

Last month Nedap, together with KPN, performed live tests with LoRa modules in the city of Rotterdam. Tests were performed in the city center and KPN’s locally deployed LoRA network was used. The quality of the KPN’s local LoRa network was optimized to a so-called “spread factor level of 7”. This is the highest quality of LoRA networks today and should provide the best quality of service. Field tests were performed in a variety of locations, including parking garages and under cars that were parked in the street. Situations that realistically reflect the operational conditions of Nedap’s in-ground parking sensors.

The tests indicate that LoRa as a technology is capable of supporting SENSIT applications if that highest possible network quality level is achieved and if some other conditions are met. Like any other networking topology, LoRA has its own strengths and weaknesses. Further research is currently carried out to see what needs to done to enable the LoRa network to operate at the same level of the current SENSIT network.

Availability of a LoRa based Sensit parking sensor is expected in Q4 2016. 

Nedap at Intertraffic

For more information about Nedap’s SENSIT platform please visit stand 02.114. Do you want to know what SENSIT can do for your (smart) parking case? Schedule a meeting your Nedap representative during Intertraffic to calculate the ROI of your parking project.