Nedap introduces the new release of the SENSIT platform, the next generation of the wireless parking sensor system. Today we would like to highlight one specific element in this renewed platform: The integration software. Absolutely unique in this software is the SENSIT performance dashboard using ‘widgets’ to inform system administrators.

SENSIT technology consists of wireless parking bay mounted sensors, a wireless communication network based on communication repeaters and data collectors. The data collectors transmit the parking status data to the software application. The web-based application can be used to configure, monitor and analyze the parking occupancy data.

The SENSIT integration software allows flexible, scalable and easy integration with third party systems using SOAP, REST and REST hooks. The software user interface is developed to ensure fast deployment and easy setup of large scale sensor networks. The performance dashboard uses ‘widgets’ to inform system administrators in one single overview about the status of all components in the wireless sensor network. This feature greatly reduces the time and energy needed to administer and manage the system. 

The dashboard is designed to give the user an overview on how the SENSIT system is performing. The dashboard itself contains several widgets. A widget summarizes and displays the actual state of SENSIT system. The dashboard contains six main widget categories: sensors, relay nodes, data collectors, network, server and system notifications. The functions of the dashboard are self-explaining by hover over pop-ups and help balloons when needed. Every widget can be configured via the configuration symbol at the right corner of every widget, see figure below. The configuration symbol will automatically show if you move your mouse to the specific widget. In this screen you can change the different widget settings.

Administrators now have a complete understanding of the current system status based on one glance at the software. When all is running well administrators can spend time on others tasks. And in case of issues they can easily be resolved.