Nedap's wireless detection system SENSIT is used at work in numerous kind of applications. An overview of these applications:

Parking guidance

SENSIT facilitates smooth traffic guidance in all situations where parking is an issue, such as city centres, shopping areas, airports, universities and hospitals. 

Truck stop parking

To help them maintain strict travel and rest times, SENSIT informs truckers about free parking spots along their route; it even shows the availability of warehouse loading docks.

Detect security risks

SENSIT detects when vehicles are parking in restricted areas and instantly alerts security personnel.

Overstay enforcement

SENSIT provides direct guidance via a digital overstay alert that simplifies and optimizes enforcement in time-limited areas, such as loading/unloading zones, kiss & ride/fly areas and blue zones. 

Electronic parking license

Nedap's E-parking License compements the SENSIT system. The license registers specific parking spaces for pre-registered vehicle groups (permit holders, disabled or VIP). When a vehicle parks in a designated bay, the electronic device registers itself. The SENSIT sends a notifaction if the parked card does not have a valid license.