The SENSIT system monitors real-time occupancy information on individual parking spaces and keeps track of the time that a vehicle is parked at that location. The SENSIT platform offers everything you need to effectively monitor parking bay occupancy. 

The platform consists of:

  • A variation of sensors that are installed in each individual parking bay

  • Relay Nodes are used to make the wireless network fast and reliable

  • Data Collector is the gateway from the wireless SENSIT network to the IP network

  • SENSIT Interface Software (SIS) is hosted on our data center

The SENSIT platform is fully wireless and does not require communication or power wiring, making it specifically suited for installation in on-street parking spaces or upper decks of parking facilities. The  SENSIT Interface software is used to setup and configure the system, to monitor and optimize the performance of the system and to connect the SENSIT system to third party software for guidance, reporting, payment and enforcement.